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With PitchPlay you can create AMAZING video web pages that are designed to sell!

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With PitchPlay's POWERFUL analytics dashboard you can track all your sales and orders just like an ecommerce shopping cart! The analytics will tell you how much it cost you to get 1 customer vs how much money you spent on advertising.

It's called customer acquisition cost and without knowing this you could just be throwing money out the window!

Just enter in how much you spent on pay per click,

The price of your product, service or monthly subscription and PitchPlay will tell you how much it costs you to get 1 sale!


DRIVE web traffic to your AMAZING landing pages with Pay Per Click or Sponsored advertising! With PitchPlay you are in the driver's seat! - SPEND A LITTLE or SPEND A LOT! You can manage your campaigns, ads, keywords and set your daily budget all from within PitchPlay! You're just a few clicks away from new customers!


PitchPlay can connect to your merchant processing gateway and allow you to manage your subscriptions, cancellations, order details and refunds! You can do it all within PitchPlay! PitchPlay is also PCI Complaint the industry best practice to protect your sensitive data! PitchPlay is protected by SSL (Secure Server Layers) 128 Bit Encryption!


PitchPlay offers an AMAZING call tracking and mobile marketing upgrade that will allow you to purchase phone numbers in any local area or buy toll free numbers that you can use on your landing pages to track and record ALL phone calls that come from your marketing campaigns!